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14 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Praachi Misra 14 days ago
Praachi M
  1. Two wheeler sale: Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, 24 February 2017)
  1. Used Car Market: Analysisng the Impact of Demonetization in the Used Car Market (Link)
  1. Export Import Trade raw data from customs dept. https://icegate.gov.in/DailyList/DL
  1. India’s GDP numbers are likely to be an overestimation, Abhijit Banerjee (Link) [discusses data collection in India vis-a vis the informal sector]
  1. Demonetisation Decimates Ranchi’s Economy, Jean Drèze, Dheeraj Kumar And Akash Ranjan (LINK)
  1. Has demonetisation’s impact been more severe on India’s non-farm jobs?, Roshan Kishore (LINK)
  1. Demonetization is a hollow move, Pronab Sen (Link)
  1. Agricultural Growth in the Aftermath of Demonetization, Ramesh Chand and Jaspal Singh (Link)
16 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Nisha Thompson 16 days ago
Potential speakers
Polio campaign
Health start ups?
35,000 need
Travel grants
misc printing
need volunteers to do outreach, help find sponsors, speakers, 
Day 2 suggestions
17 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by ThejeshGN 17 days ago
ThejeshGN Open Data Camp Bangalore 2017 - Day 2
  • Send email about the data to be scraped
  • Any RTIs that needs to be sent out
  • Generic Data Requests
ideas for Workshop
  • Workshop on data security?
Ideas for Scraping 
49 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by srinivas kodali 49 days ago
srinivas k Data being published under Publication of Daily List of Imports and Exports Rules 2004 with gazette notification No:128/2004 Customs N.T
Rules amended in 2012 to allow online publication of data under notification No:18/2012 Customs N.T
Data has been stopped for publication with effect from Nov 25th 2016 under notification No:140/2016 Customs N.T
Past Record data and work:
85 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Abhishek Sakhaparia 85 days ago
Abhishek S Roads and Traffic:
  • Data on all the municipality maintained road with name of road, frequency of maintenance monthly / yearly done or to be done, type of road(1 way or 2 way), direction of road primary type of vehicles many taking road (2/3/4/6 or more wheelers), expected & current traffic management situation
  • Registered vehicles registered over the city omitting personal details that are contributing to traffic. 
98 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Nagarajan M 98 days ago
Nagarajan M Surat Open Data - DataMeet Collaboration
This pad is meant for listing plans for collaboration with Datameet and Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC)
Some possible engagement ideas:
  • Workshop at Surat to brainstorm further ideas and projects possible in last week of JAN 2017

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