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Unfiled. Edited by Nisha Thompson 2 days ago
Nisha T SDC Report - Recommendations
Security and Privacy
  • How is the data being managed by MOSPI currently?
  • What are the encryption and security policies?
  • How is the data being collected and what management systems do they have?
  • What data is being collected by the Ministry? List of datasets
  • Panel selection
  • No license or formats for the receiving the data
  • changing raw data to micro data - process needs to be documented and made public - share actual raw scripts on how they process it
  • Accessibility - to people with disability 
  • accuracy rates/error rates being disclosed
  • methods of measurement
** audit trail - who within government is accessing data
**full list of datasets collected
**meta data for collection - authors of data
open forums - industry, academics, all stakeholders
negative list - NDSAP
formats for sharing - csv, json, bulk downloads, API, XML, FTP - examples
Capture adverse examples 
work with groups who train MPs and staff on this issues
affordability of data - pricing structure and why they are charging
more budget for data collection
If there is no sensitive information, raw data should be provided
Aadhaar number***
MoSPI - dissemination workshop with users and public
minimum time requirements - panel meetings are requirement - minutes made available
open application for joining
public sharing data events
8 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by sumandro c , chinmayi sk 8 days ago
As members of open data communities, policy and academic research institutes, technical and development sector organisations, and as citizens in general, we want to express our great appreciation for the recently launched Nakshe portal. This initiative by the Survey of India to make the Open Series Map publicly available for access and use is long awaited and welcomed. We are certain that these maps would be of great use for researchers, programmers, and practitioners alike.
Following the second instruction would require publishing the data in an open geospatial data standards, such as KML or GML, as specified in the Implementation Guidelines for NDSAP, v.2.2.
sumandro c The recently launched Government Open Data License - India (https://data.gov.in/government-open-data-license-india), notified under the NDSAP 2012, has introduced a common official license for publishing open data by government agencies. Using this license for sharing Open Series Maps data will ensure that users do not have to suffer from uncertainties regarding permitted uses of the data, and will also meet the instruction given under NDSAP 2012.
24 days ago
46 days ago
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Praachi M
  1. Two wheeler sale: Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, 24 February 2017)
  1. Used Car Market: Analysisng the Impact of Demonetization in the Used Car Market (Link)
  1. Export Import Trade raw data from customs dept. https://icegate.gov.in/DailyList/DL
  1. India’s GDP numbers are likely to be an overestimation, Abhijit Banerjee (Link) [discusses data collection in India vis-a vis the informal sector]
  1. Demonetisation Decimates Ranchi’s Economy, Jean Drèze, Dheeraj Kumar And Akash Ranjan (LINK)
  1. Has demonetisation’s impact been more severe on India’s non-farm jobs?, Roshan Kishore (LINK)
  1. Demonetization is a hollow move, Pronab Sen (Link)
  1. Agricultural Growth in the Aftermath of Demonetization, Ramesh Chand and Jaspal Singh (Link)
49 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Nisha Thompson 49 days ago
Potential speakers
Polio campaign
Health start ups?
35,000 need
Travel grants
misc printing
need volunteers to do outreach, help find sponsors, speakers, 
Day 2 suggestions
49 days ago
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ThejeshGN Open Data Camp Bangalore 2017 - Day 2
  • Send email about the data to be scraped
  • Any RTIs that needs to be sent out
  • Generic Data Requests
ideas for Workshop
  • Workshop on data security?
Ideas for Scraping 

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