Nepal Earthquake Mapping

Join a global movement of volunteers helping to Map Nepal for use in rescue work on the ground.

Date:  Week of April 26

Bangalore Venue: Mapbox BLR, Indiranagar / Internet

Time to learn: 15mins

Getting Started

Selecting a HOT Mapping Task

  1. Pick a mapping task from the HOT task manager
  2. Read the instructions on what features to map from the satellite imagery and tagging guidelines
  3. Click on any of the white squares to pick an area to map
  4. Click start mapping to lock the area
  5. Click Edit in JOSM to download the map data in JOSM (JOSM will need to be open with remote control enabled). You can use the iD editor instead if you are a beginner.
  6. Download satellite imagery from Imagery>Bing Satellite

iD Controls

JOSM Controls

Finishing a task

Tagging Instructions

Advanced JOSM Tips

Resources and Guides

Stay in touch

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