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Nisha Thompson

202 days ago
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Craig D
  • Hey I read through the report and made notes and then summarized the notes in the letter. The wording still has to be corrected. Could you check what I've missed? I won't have time to look at this till afternoon on Monday
Nisha T
  • K i'll finish the draft this morning
We agree that the current anonymization efforts are adequate to keep confidentiality of individuals. We ask that transparency in what tools you are using and how the data is stored and secured would add confidence in how individual data is being safeguarded. 
Reliability of the data
We generally agree with what the committee recommends, that in order to give users reliability of estimates from survey data the simple rule of using RSE is not good enough. More rules will have to be developed on a further analysis of individual datasets. Meanwhile the suggestion of releasing the estimates you currently have, at a less disaggregated level and with cautionary statements is welcome. However we recommend setting a timeline for release of data. This will allow users to plan for when the data is available and be able to use it. It will al
Data Security
We recommend more transparency regarding the data storage and dissemination procedures: How is the data security being ensured by MOSPI currently?, What are the encryption and security policies?
Who is currently using the data and how are they using it? We recommend an audit trail (via digital signatures) who within government is accessing data (where individually identifying information is present), to prevent leaks of the data from different government agencies. As per 1.1.3: of the Statistical act of 2008: Data not to be used for other than 'statistical purposes' we would like to understand how the Ministry is tracking to whom the data is released and how they are using it.
Data Dissemination
1.1.4 'Since the data is collected at huge cost it is essential to find users who would benefit from the data'
  • We recommend having workshops for users of the data. The current workshop calendar (http://mospi.nic.in/sites/default/files/main_menu/training/training_calendar_2017-18.pdf) seems heavily focused on training government employees and academics. We ask you open it up to businesses, civil society organisations and journalists. These workshops would add users to your data and also be an opportunity to generate costs that can make the data costs lower.
Thank you again for the opportunity to give inputs into your data disclosure process. We look forward to working with you when possible to make this initiative a success.
205 days ago
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As members of open data communities, policy and academic research institutes, technical and development sector organisations, and as citizens in general, we want to express our great appreciation for the recently launched Nakshe portal. This initiative by the Survey of India to make the Open Series Map publicly available for use is long awaited and welcomed. We are certain that these maps would be of great use for researchers, programmers, and practitioners alike.
  • 3) under the Government Open Data License - India.
Considering the Nakshe portal is the primary website for publishing the Open Series Map files, the first recommendation should be followed because double publication will only help discoverability of these files, and hence their wider use.
356 days ago
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Nisha T Number of bills in circulation before demonitization and amount of bills printed. 
256 days ago
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Potential speakers
Polio campaign
Health start ups?
35,000 need
Travel grants
misc printing
need volunteers to do outreach, help find sponsors, speakers, 
Day 2 suggestions
258 days ago
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Nisha T Open Data Camp Bangalore 2017: Public Health 
265 days ago
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Nisha T Projects
Srikanth L
  1. Create a list of e-governance, citizen services apps developed by govt, quasi govt bodies. App Metadata Extractor can have some interesting insights if we have list. See http://j.mp/UPIApps and https://github.com/CashlessConsumer/AppStoreMetadataExtractor 
Nisha T
  1. Village Shapefiles
  1. OpenCity http://opencity.in/ - play with data and create visualizations with the datasets.

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