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Swaraj Barooah

201 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Swaraj Barooah 201 days ago
  • As per this, we can question whether they are selling data for 'other than statistical purposes' i.e. commercial purposes to companies and whether there is any tracking of to whom this data is released
6.6 This point on consent of the survey respondent isn't very clear. They say a question asking for consent for the data to be used for stats purposes should be included in survey forms. But I thought the 2008 Act allows it by default?
  • Consent terms: If they have a way of reaching back out to survey population if they change their T&C / purpose of use?
  • and also pvt companies if they are given access
  • along with purpose? for private companies
Aadhaar number***  Don't remember why this was starred separately, but we should probably mention that no UID / biometric type information should be in a position where it can be linked, or even collected if not required. 

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