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Nikhil VJ

945 days ago
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287 days ago
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  1. Why demonetisation is a disaster – detailed analysis of RBI data, James Wilson (Link 
Nikhil V
  1. (Feb'17) Note Ban: RBI a Political Tool as Delhi Suffers Cash Crunch 2.0 (Link )
Nikhil V
  • quoting from the article: A muzzled RBI refuses to give data about exactly how much cash was being  dispensed across which regions of India, and when. This, despite  requests from Bengal finance minister Amit Mitra, activists, NGOs and  economists.
  1. Notebandi 2.0 (link ) (it's an intro for an upcoming book but the article has a lot of data mentioned on major public expenditures and losses) 
434 days ago
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Nikhil V
  • 5. Assembly Constituency to Subdistrict mapping
Pending. We need to open this up! It would be great to have, given any village, info about which assembly constituency it falls under, and who is the MLA representing that village in Mumbai.
438 days ago
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We collectively represent several civil society organisations, businesses and researchers in Pune who actively engage with public data, build products to enhance access to information and conduct outreach to citizens through our work. Data that is more accessible and usable would immensely catalyse our efforts to make Pune a more liveable and inclusive city.
This letter is to humbly request the PMC to kindly organise a public discussion & feedback process on Pune's open data portal, so that the various users of open data, whether civil society, business, researchers or open data experts can share constructive comments on the portal and how it succeeds in implementation of the National Data Sharing Accessibility Policy. Since the data needs of different sectors (transport, health, education etc) are likely to differ we think bringing in diverse views on this portal will make it a resounding success.  
Contact: Craig Dsouza/ Nikhil VJ Email: pune@datameet.org 
Website: www.datameet.org 
Add your organisation’s logo a brief line and contact info below if you wish to co-sign this letter
  • Kalyan Tanksale,  Pranali - Systems Research & Design Initiatives, E-mail: kalyantanksale@gmail.com 
  • Yeshasvi Pachpore, Digimpact - Insights to Actions, Email: yeshasvi.pachpore@gmail.com
Nikhil V
  • Nikhil VJ, part time web designer, Centre for Environment Education, Pune, nikhil.js@gmail.com
540 days ago
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All the files are actually comma-separated value tables. Rename them as .CSV and then open it in excel, calc or so. Then you have it all as a table that you can sort, filter etc.
There are organizations already doing this for money.. challenge is to make a free, open software to do this.
Nikhil V 27.6.16: Update: We're participating in a Hackathon in Pune on 8-10 July 2016 and will work on this project. See the details here (still co-creating): https://github.com/answerquest/Bus-Route-Management-System/wiki 
Send your advice to nikhil.js@gmail.com, kindly note that this is a very limited-focus project and your suggestion might lie outside its scope.
821 days ago
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Craig D
  • I think limiting people for the type of job they're looking for might be a little excess moderation on our behalf. Especially since there are many regular IT people who are still doing good stuff with social sector data. I think the 'not too frequently' rule should suffice so that the channel does not get clogged with CVs
Nikhil V
  • agreed
Craig D
  • Haha, Nikhil, I think informal chat is clear to most people. Since we are putting this as a template out to other city groups I don't think it needs to be this long. Can we remove this section? I also agree that we can have a Pune specific channel for informal chat.
Nikhil V
  • ya i was just having fun with free-writing ;) will blog it! removing...

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