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chinmayi sk

245 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by sumandro c , chinmayi sk 245 days ago
As members of open data communities, policy and academic research institutes, technical and development sector organisations, and as citizens in general, we want to express our great appreciation for the recently launched Nakshe portal. This initiative by the Survey of India to make the Open Series Map publicly available for access and use is long awaited and welcomed. We are certain that these maps would be of great use for researchers, programmers, and practitioners alike.
Following the second instruction would require publishing the data in an open geospatial data standards, such as KML or GML, as specified in the Implementation Guidelines for NDSAP, v.2.2.
sumandro c The recently launched Government Open Data License - India (https://data.gov.in/government-open-data-license-india), notified under the NDSAP 2012, has introduced a common official license for publishing open data by government agencies. Using this license for sharing Open Series Maps data will ensure that users do not have to suffer from uncertainties regarding permitted uses of the data, and will also meet the instruction given under NDSAP 2012.
516 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by sumandro c , srinivas kodali , chinmayi sk 516 days ago
sumandro c BMTC Open Data Policy - Letter Requesting Public Consultation
This is a letter drafted to be submitted to BMTC and to request for a public consultation process for their open data policy (currently being drafted). Please suggest changes, and add your name at the bottom if you are interested to be a signatory.
To be decided: Should the letter carry DataMeet logo, or should it be a collective letter without organisational identity?
chinmayi s
  • A collective letter is a good way to go about but including Data Meet logo can be done with it I dont think it has be either or 
sumandro c To, Mr. Bishwajit Mishra, IFS 
Director (IT)
sumandro c
srinivas k
  • I think we should copy him and rather send it to BMTC Managing director, I believe it is her decision. Again, should we follow with BMTC or IT Department of Karnataka?
sumandro c Sub: Requesting Public Consultation for Draft Open Data Policy
Dear Mr. Mishra, 
We the undersigned are very happy to learn that BMTC is in the process of drafting an open data policy, specifically addressing the new system of data generation and management that has been implemented as part of the Intelligent Transport System project, and also data collected through other systems and in other forms. We congratulate this most innovative and pioneering effort of BMTC.
This is to humbly request BMTC to kindly organise a public consultation process for the draft open data policy, so that the various researchers and open data experts (including those of us involved with DataMeet) can read and share constructive comments on the draft open data policy.
We look forward to a productive engagement with BMTC on the open data policy as well as its implementation. It will be our great pleasure to support the open data efforts of BMTC in all manners possible.
1. Dr. Ekroop Caur, IAS, Managing Director, BMTC
2. Mr. Nagendra, Chief Systems Manager, BMTC
589 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Craig Dsouza , Satyarupa Shekhar , chinmayi sk 589 days ago
Sajjad A Business entities using geospatial data
  • Fourthlion
  • Mapbox
  • Ola
  • Uber
  • Swiggy
Craig D Twitter ids@Just_Dial, @Latlong, @FourthLion_IN, @Mapbox, @Olacabs, @Uber, @swiggy_in, @gramener, @zomatoIN, @nextdrop, @Housing, @mapunity, @Howindialives, @airbnb_in, @Flipkart, @redbus_in, @oyorooms, @makemytrip,  @Cleartrip. @nestoria
Sajjad A Media entities
  • The Times of India
Twitter ids: @timesofindia, @the_hindu, @citizenmatters, @E_P_W, @htTweets, @RealRediffCom, @geoworldmedia, @IndianExpress, @dna
Email ids:
Nonprofit entities
  • Akshara Foundation
  • Aaranyak
  • Safecity 
  • Hollaback 
Twitter ids: @aksharadotorg, @indiawater, @cis_india, @adrspeaks, @Janaagraha1, @osm_in, @CAGChennai, @akvo, @iihsin, @aaranyak
Email ids:
Craig D Open Data proponents
  • data.gov.in
More here
Twitter ids: @DataPortalIndia 
Prominent people to write to:
Members of Parliament (Since they're voting on this): see list of Indian MPs on Twitter
  • Mapping public toilets
Satyarupa S
  • Mapping municipal infrastructure and services 
chinmayi s
  • Mapping community spaces
  • Mapping Human Wildlife Conflicts
  • Mapping of Harassment
  • Mapping locations of crop damage by elephants
  • Mapping Street Harassment 
The regulation only applies to Indians or persons onboard a vehicle registered in India. It does not prevent access to sensitive imagery or data captured and distributed by companies outside India like DigitalGlobe. In summary the bill cannot ensure the security and sovereignty of the nation by restricting access to geospatial data by Indians alone.
chinmayi s
  • does it apply to individuals as a part of informal global initiatives using maps ?

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