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Sree harsha

260 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Sree harsha , madhav reddy , sudhamsu kandukuri 260 days ago
  1. To deepen our understanding of the agriculture crisis, Farmer Suicide Data for state of Telangana collected by RythuSwarajyaVedika and compiled here  can be mapped against various other public data sets like Rainfall info, Market price (MSP) fluctuation, Pattern of Crops grown in areas with high concentration and so on !! Also the data collected in itself can be sliced and diced.   Sree harsha would be glad to work with a team on this issue. 
Sree h AgriData
India Agri Census Website : http://agcensus.nic.in/
Telangana Marketing Data : http://tsmarketing.in/Homepage.aspx
Commission for Agricultural Costs : http://cacp.dacnet.nic.in/
Sree h Consumer data
 Cotton Prices in Telangana from 2014: 
 Fertiliser Data : 
556 days ago
Sajjad A Agenda + Minutes - May 11, 2016
Tejas A
  • Define a clear objective: Seek a comprehensive amendment (i.e., restricting the bill to depictions of high-security areas, and, perhaps, of national boundaries), and not a complete withdrawal of the bill. Request for more a consultative process. 
Tejas A
  • Do we provide a reworked draft bill to the MHA? Or, a new draft altogether? 
  • What should the proposed scope of the bill be?
Nisha T
  • open data
Sajjad A
  • national security
Nisha T
  • national security and 
Sajjad A
  • border areas (approvals, as required)
  • Template emails
Tejas A
  • Outreach communications (Require teams to work with specific roles and outcomes)
  • savethemap.in (More published material on the consequences of the bill needed)
Sajjad A
  • datameet 
  • Inviting people to email responses
Karthik B
  • 1 page version of the bill + simplified and shareable, with a tinyurl
Tejas A
  • Gather testimonials 
Karthik B
  • FAQs for users + simplified and shareable url
  • FAQs for startups
Devdatta T
  • Datameet should do a Reddit India AMA (I had a convo with the reddit India Mods about this, and it should be easy to organize)
Karthik B
  • Mail your MP (savetheinternet.in type) site for people to mail their MPs
  • A team in Delhi to go and meet MPs to explain to them what is going on.
  • Meet Tarun Vijay, explaining to him how MHA has screwed it up
Raman C
  • Let's chat about this further. This Bill has actually come about because of Tarun Vijay's efforts and lobbying
Karthik B
  • Get MPs and govt officials to submit on our behalf
  • Get Startups to sign a joint letter asking the govt to change the bill
  • Get international NGOs to participate in the consultation
Pranesh P
  • I'm happy to help reaching out to international NGOs on this issue.
Nisha T
  • make sure this doesn't hurt us. This bill is aimed to restrict international organizations.
Pranesh P
  • These could possibly focus on the situation in other countries?
Srikanth L
  • Get letters from university professors 
Raman C
  • Industry associations
  • FICCI geospatial committee
Sajjad A
  • CII (?)
### Responsibilities 
Tejas A #### communication 
Sajjad A
Tejas A #### research 
Pranesh P
  • Nisha, Thejesh, Sumandro, Adhya
Tejas A #### policy 
Sajjad A
  • Sumandro, Pranesh, Raman, Nikhil 
Tejas A #### outreach 
Sajjad A
  • Nikhil Pahwa, Suvajit, Sajjad, Tejas,Srikanth
Tejas A #### technical 
Sajjad A
  • Thejesh, Karthik
  • Email templates ready - Friday
  • Testimonials/Talking points - in voice, text, pictures etc - ongoing
  • Moving conversations to slack - savethemap.slack.com 
Nisha T
  • individuals will send responses and well as a collective issues 
  • individuals will send responses and well as a collective issues 
934 days ago

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