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18 days ago
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ThejeshGN Open Data Camp Bangalore 2017 - Day 2
  • Send email about the data to be scraped
  • Any RTIs that needs to be sent out
  • Generic Data Requests
ideas for Workshop
  • Workshop on data security?
Ideas for Scraping 
367 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by ThejeshGN 367 days ago
 2. http://zip.pr/ -  (Commercial Entity) Zippr is a central location management service that enables users to create and share short codes (Zipprs e.g. ABCD1234)   with friends or vendors to avoid low value conversations around  finding  an address and enables services to reach a customer in a jiffy.
186 days ago
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  • http://openrefine.org/ : OpenRefine : Opensource tool used by data journalists for refining messy data, esp for finding and fixing spelling differences.
  • Other Related Stuff
245 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by ThejeshGN 245 days ago
[Add names  and email here]
243 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by srinivas kodali , ThejeshGN 243 days ago
We suggest to include the definition of "Access" in the license document. The access here is implicitly through a human clicking download link without any restrictions as required under the RTI act. Some data is provided through APIs. We suggest to include data, metadata, structure of API's under the license .  This is important to use the data provided by APIs and also Interoperability between the systems using these APIs.  
srinivas k
  • I think it should be access without any constraints for public information as it is the right under RTI act. It should never have any form of authentication what so ever, since the scope of license is only open data and not restricted data of the govt.
srinivas k
  • Harsha K we can't combine API's with data, they have a different policy called the open API policy for that. out of the scope of license. Will suggest to keep the words within the scope. 
  • I am talking about the open data provided through APIs. It needs to have a license because its open data. Also the meta data. 
#Section 4.d: No Warranty:
A limited warranty on the quality and completeness of data is required for the data to be useful and trustworthy. If there is no minimum warranty from data provider then the data becomes useless and unreliable. We suggest removing the  section "Under any circumstances, the user may not hold the data provider(s) responsible for: i) any error, omission or loss of data" from the warranty clause.  In addition we suggest to digitally sign the data by providing the hash of files or detached digital signatures which can be used to verify datasets thus increasing the trustworthiness of data and usage in research and development.  
srinivas k #Section 4 (f) : Continuity of Provision:
As per the RTI act, the information/data provider is liable to provide information upon request. Proactive disclosure helps in reduction of requests to the data provider. It is the duty of the provider to make sure that public data is continuously updated. This clause may not be ideal to be part of the license and we request you to remove it.  
#Section 6:  Exemptions
Exemptions should not be part of the license. License should be concerned about the way a given dataset is shared or distributed rather than what kind of data it is. It shouldn't matter to the license to what type of data license is being applied. We suggest this entire section to be removed. We understand the importance of exemptions and recommend they be made as guidelines to data providers and not users. 
Thejesh GN
  • can we cite an example to make a better case? may be the judicial records or some other dataset which has to have warranty.

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